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15 things all students in Cambridge know to be true


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Psychology
Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology
Category: Psychology

14 July 2017

Green bicycle with a basket on the front

We asked psychology student Charli, who's studying at ARU in Cambridge, to share her city highlights and insights.

Cambridge is known for many things, it can be an expensive place to live and there are bicycles everywhere. It's also full of secrets. Here are the top 15 things all students living in Cambridge know to be true.

  1. Nothing beats the cake stand at the market. The prices, the taste, the freshness – it's just heaven!
  2. Every night out ends with a trip to Gardi's. It's not a tradition, it's just a necessity.
  3. Your free time is often spent sneaking into other colleges for a nosey around. And you will inevitably get locked into the grounds of one.
  4. Every pub in and around town is cute, quaint and cosy. You will never want to leave! It's basically like going back home.
  5. Whenever you need to escape from the busy town centre, it only takes minutes to get away from it all, to a park or Grantchester Meadows.
  6. Walking along the river is your favourite way to waste an evening. Even if trying to find a bridge can make your journey much longer.
  7. You visit the Fitzwilliam Museum so many times that you no longer need a map. There is nowhere better to mooch around when you have some free time.
  8. It's not summer until you've been punting several times. Yep – it's not only for the tourists.
  9. You no longer need to travel to London for the best gigs and theatre. The Junction and Corn Exchange are your new best friends.
  10. Standing on the Mathematical Bridge is a privilege. You'll spend much of your time looking at it lustfully and wishfully.
  11. It always takes a good few minutes to work out what the time is from the Corpus Clock. Located just outside the Taylor Library, its blue flashing lights can take a little while to decipher.
  12. Heffers becomes your best friend around exam and submission time. We all visit that place a lot. You just can't avoid it. And why would you want to?
  13. The Boat Race is the highlight of your social calendar. Whether you’re watching from the pub, or from the side of the Thames, you'll still be screaming.
  14. You check the times for the Picturehouse cinema first. Because it's so small and cute!
  15. Late-night revision actually becomes a little easier when every library is so damn beautiful! And everyone has their own favourite.

When your studying is done, you will NOT want to go home again. Nowhere is quite like Cambridge.

Psychology at ARU

Charli studies BSc (Hons) Psychology at ARU in Cambridge, and is also the author of the blog Seven things not to say to a psychology student.

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