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Meet our Humanities and Social Sciences students, alumni and staff

Discover the inspirations, educational experiences and career journeys of students, alumni and staff from our School.

Criminology & Policing

"The expertise of the lecturers, their passion for their research interests, has inspired me to consider future employment in the world of social research."

Kayleigh Chilten, MA Criminology / BSc Policing and Criminal Justice

"I find immense enthusiasm in teaching students... [They] appreciate how discussions on a particular topic transition into personal experiences from my professional background."

John Greenan, Course Leader BA (Hons) Criminology and Policing

"I cannot thank my course lecturers more highly... I still keep in touch with them. They were such an inspiration."

Lauren Tabbinor, BA (Hons) Criminology

Nya - Criminology MA

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English & Writing

“If I could work in the English department at ARU I would do it in a heartbeat. The team there are great and the teachers are great. Everyone’s so cool.”

Beth Restor, BA (Hons) English Language and EL Teaching

“I looked up to all my lecturers and the level of knowledge they had, the passion they put in, and the time they’d invested into their field of work.”

Jyoti Singh, BA (Hons) English Language

“That's what the course really gave me - something that still gets me excited now, even though it's a few years later. It's very cool.”

Lettie Ndlovu, BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics

"As a child, I was always reading. I was the kind of kid who would bring a book to the party."

Dr Cassie Gorman, Associate Professor and Course Leader BA English Literature

'After studying modules such as Revealing English Structure, I can now confidently answer the complex questions ESL learners have.'

Charlotte Quince, BA (Hons) English Language and English Language Teaching

'It was really exciting to be independent from home and to be able to go out and mingle with others from different parts of the UK as well as the world.'

Joanna Adeyinka, BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics

"...the ability to develop independent research and writing skills to a professional standard were a result of the education I received from ARU."

Stephen Trinder, MA Intercultural Communication

Laura – Making Use Of ARU’s Facilities From Home

A Day in the Life of Chloe, BA (Hons) English Literature

A Day in the Life of Natalie, BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics

Owen - MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Shelley - BA (Hons) and MA English Literature

Social Sciences

"I felt inspired whilst studying, and really savoured having access to an amazing library, lectures and being able to explore Cambridge."

Claire White, BA (Hons) Philosophy and founder of Heart Led Sounds

"I had so much support from my lecturers, and my peers as well... there was very much this whole support system there."

Natasha Doe, BA (Hons) Politics

"I think I always loved history essentially, but it had been taught in such a negative way... How you’re taught is absolutely crucial."

Dr Lucy Bland, Professor of Social and Cultural History

"I already had good critical thinking skills and the course is just making them better - I lacked the knowledge and the terms to actually use them."

Luke Ford-Busson, BA (Hons) Philosophy

"Remember to keep looking for things that...hold your passion... If you told my younger self she was going to be an academic and a lecturer, she would have laughed in your face!"

Dr Mirna Guha, Course Leader MA Sociology

Abby - Improving my writing and research with the MA History at ARU

"Suddenly, I could see into the past, the construction of gender and alcohol as a social problem. It had always been there, but now it shone into view..."

Dr Rachel Ryder, Senior Lecturer Sociology

"The curriculum on the ARU History course was brilliant. It was comprehensive and varied; it included subjects I knew I’d be fascinated by and introduced me to fields I hadn’t yet explored."

Charles Redwood, BA (Hons) History

"I loved the lectures and the discussions in seminars, not only because I was interested in the subject, but because you could see how passionate the lecturers were."

Daisy Murray-Smith, BA (Hons) History

Amy - Convinced By A College Trip To ARU

A Day in the Life of Julia, BA (Hons) History

Stephanie - MA and PhD Sociology

Michael and Shona - BA (Hons) History

A Day in the Life of Katie, BA (Hons) Sociology

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