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Labour History Research Unit films

At the Labour History Research Unit (LHRU), our work explores the Labour Party's past, present and future.

Our most recent research report, The Labour Renewal Project, looks at how the Party can respond to the challenges and opportunities of the 2020s. The video below will introduce you to the project.

The Labour Renewal Project

How can history assist in Labour Party renewal in the age of Keir Starmer?

Watch a short trailer for the Labour Renewal Project film:

Labour and the Left in the 1980s

Rethinking the history of the British Left in the age of Thatcherism.

Watch a short trailer for the Labour and the Left in the 1980s film:

The March of the Moderates

In the 1990s, New Labour came to power in the UK and the USA had a Democratic president. This video looks at how Bill Clinton and Tony Blair rebuilt progressive politics.

Watch a short trailer for the March of the Moderates film:

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