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Women in Gaming

This International Women’s Day, we're celebrating Women in Gaming at ARU. If you’re a woman who loves gaming, or you work in the industry yourself, please share your experiences with us on Twitter: @ARUCreative.

In 2019 the UK gaming market was worth a record £5.7billion to the economy - more than music and movies combined.

But has this upsurge in popularity and the adoption of gaming-capable technology into most people’s lives seen the industry become more open to women as well?

According to global communications company Edelman, 2020 will be the year of women gamers: "Gaming today is as much for women as men. On some devices, there are more female players than men; for example, on smartphones in the UK 60% of girls aged 10-15 play games on their device, compared to 55% of boys of the same age."

"More and more women are entering the industry, which is great because around 45% of gamers are female. There's still a way to go with equality in games..."

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"There are even moments when I am challenged to prove that I play games by listing some of my favourites; and perish the thought I say Sims or Animal Crossing..."

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"Seeing women succeed in games has made a positive impact on my aspirations and encouraged me to work closely in a field which I now thoroughly enjoy."

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