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Music Therapy portfolio, interview and audition

For our professional music therapy training course there is a two-stage application process. To support shortlisting you will be asked to submit a music portfolio. If you are successful at this stage, you will be then invited for interview and audition.

Music portfolio

You will need to supply a music portfolio video containing 10-15 minutes of varied music. This should be on your preferred and one other instrument (including voice), if applicable. It should include contrasting pieces which you feel best demonstrate your instrumental playing and musicianship. The choice of pieces is therefore up to you. You may also include any other instruments you play if you feel this would be helpful.

If your preferred instrument is a single-line instrument, please also include an example of a harmony instrument such as piano, guitar or ukulele.

The purpose of this portfolio is for you to demonstrate your instrumental playing standard and to convey something of your overall musicianship.

Please host any videos on a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo - you can make the listing unlisted (not private) and send the link to [email protected] (home applications) or [email protected] (international applications). Please ensure you include your name, the name of the course you are applying for and your student ID number.

If you are unable to share your videos via a video sharing site please use a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If you do this, you need to ensure your file is less than 1GB.

For any questions regarding portfolios, or any other aspect of the admissions process, please contact your admissions officer. We look forward to receiving your portfolio.

Interview and audition

As this is professional therapy training, we'll ask you to attend a workshop, interview and audition if you're shortlisted.

These are group workshops. If we do not have sufficient interviews booked for a session we may need to rearrange your interview and audition. We recommend you do not book travel or accommodation until 1 week before your interview.

Interviews are usually scheduled on Wednesdays from February - July.

In exceptional cases if you live overseas, we may consider interviewing you via video conference. You’ll only be offered this if you give clear reasons why it’s impossible for you to attend the interview/audition, and you have access to professional video conferencing equipment.

The day will include experiential music therapy group work with other candidates, as well as an individual interview and discussion with lecturers. These will allow us to consider your suitability and readiness for training, and also give you the chance to experience some of the teaching methods we use, so you can decide whether they're appropriate for your needs.

For the interview and audition, you’ll need to prepare a brief piece of your choice on each of your instruments. If you only play one instrument, you should prepare two short contrasting pieces on that instrument.

If piano is not one of your main instruments, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your keyboard skills. Please be ready to improvise as directed on the day.

If voice is not one of your main instruments, you’ll be asked to sing a short song of your choice. We’ll provide an accompanist if you need one.