BA (Hons) Illustration COVID 19 posters

"We are living through difficult, turbulent and challenging times. As illustrators, who are natural visual communicators, what can we do to reassure, remind and instruct?"

Our 2nd year BA (Hons) Illustration students were set this challenge as part of their coursework: to produce a set of three visually linked posters that would appeal to specific audiences, from children to young adults and health professionals.

The results range from the poetic and lyrical to witty reminders and the reassuring. The students have relished the idea of using their skills to communicate these important messages to a broad audience.

Please feel free to download the posters and display them wherever you think they are needed.

We hope you will find something here that will help as a reminder to follow Coronavirus guidelines, or reassure you that things will get better in the near future if, as a community, we stick together and weather the current storm.

Our congratulations to the students for taking on this challenge, and we look forward to hopefully seeing the posters on display in windows over the coming days and weeks. You can download them as pdfs from the following links, and see a preview poster by each student in the gallery below.

Anna Passos-Canteiro: You Are Never Alone Be A Boss, Work From Home

Anna Baylis: Apart But United Distanced But Connected Remote But Together

Astrid Holscher: Mermaids Seasnakes

Ellie Jepson: Stop The Stigma Think Mental Health It's Okay To Ask For Help

Lily Lewis: Guns 'N' Roses YMCA Foo Fighters Blondie Blondie (masks)

Luke James: Wash Away What Lurks Protection From The Plague Contain The Virus

Matt Wood: I Advise You Sanitise A Mask A Day Jeepers Creepers

Nancy Turnbull: Bread Cereal Boxes Wine

Polina Iakovlea: Always In Touch 2 Metres Together Doing Your Part

Sam Dawkes: Easy 6 Pick 6 Draw 6

Tegan Jepson: Support Us Support You Help Us Help You For Us For You

Willow Harman: House Time Together

NB These posters can be downloaded and printed for personal use, but the copyright remains the property of individual artists and use of images and texts are not allowed for commercial projects or gain.