MA Art, Health and Wellbeing portfolios

Find out how to prepare your digital portfolio for the MA Art, Health and Wellbeing course at Cambridge School of Art.

What we want to see in your portfolio:

  • Examples from your undergraduate work and/or recent practice in a related field, including fine art, medicine, nursing, design, or humanities based undergraduate degree (including social sciences, psychology, history, geography, or design history);
  • Evidence of your knowledge, skills, and interest in creative-thinking and health and wellbeing, and ideas that drive you as a creative towards real world change-making
  • Evidence of your process, including images from your sketchbooks, and research/developmental works (e.g. model making, process diagrams, prototypes)
  • Evidence of appetite, ambition, curiosity, engagement, appreciation, design process, creative-thinking competency, and familiarity with relevant visual and experience in visualisation software

How should you present your digital portfolio?

Please email a pdf of your work (you can convert to PDF using InDesign or Powerpoint if you don't have Adobe Acrobat DC) or a link to your personal portfolio website to [email protected] (home applications) or [email protected] (international applications).

Please host any videos on a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo - you can set them as 'unlisted' and just send us the links. If you're unable to share your video via a video sharing site, please use a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Drop Box (make sure your file is less than 1GB).

If you would like to arrange a face to face portfolio review and tour, please contact the relevant Admissions team using the email addresses above.