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Our degree shows

Montage of student work images and Secret Showcase banner

A Secret Showcase

In Summer 2022, graduating students from Cambridge School of Art will join their peers from Cambridge School of Creative Industries and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences to share the fruits of their work at a series of events we like to call A Secret Showcase.

For the past two years, they have been hard at work behind closed doors, putting everything into creating, making, and exploring their practice.

Now, we’re showcasing their secret works to the public (something that hasn't been possible for quite a while). Uncover the unexpected at events including film and animation screenings; art, design and photography exhibitions; and celebrations with friends, families and industry reps.

Or you can view their work online at the...

Present Online Degree Show

Our digital student showcase Present brings together the work of all our graduating students. It's all of us, all together. It’s an exhibition of student work you curate for yourself. We won't tell you how to look around. That's up to you.

Want to see all of the orange things we made this year? Or are you interested in work that's about identity? Nature? Society? Look at the stuff you want to, when you want to, whether it's all of the objects, all of the writing, the illustration, moving stuff or print. You get the idea.

This exhibition is yours for the making. Go explore, and check out images from Present at the bottom of the page.

Postgraduate Degree Shows

MA Fine Art & MA Printmaking

This year's annual show for graduating MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking students will take place from 1 - 8 September 2022. You can see details of last year's event on our Creative Showcase site.

MA Children's Book Illustration show

The graduation show for our MA Children's Book Illustration takes place in February every year. You can see details of the 2022 show on our Cambridge MA Show website.

Present Showcase images

Montage of work by graduating students from Cambridge School of Art
Montage of work by graduating students from Cambridge School of Art
Montage of work by graduating students from Cambridge School of Art