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Interdisciplinary Ruskin module curricula approved

Published: 20 December 2019 at 14:28

This week colleagues presented the curricula of ten Ruskin modules to ARU’s first Approval Panel for Ruskin Modules (APRM). As a pilot to prepare for a much larger event in Spring 2020, the panel chaired by Dr Daragh McDermott (Head of Psychology and Sport Science) welcomed the interdisciplinary expertise of externals Dr Jillian Terry (Deputy Director LSE 100), and Dr Thomas Nørgaard (Director of the Institute for Value Studies at the University of Winchester).

A broad range of Ruskin modules were proposed with topics ranging from smell, storytelling, social media, artificial intelligence, and ethics through to sustainable development, climate change, place, volunteering, and cultures of work. Interdisciplinary collaborations included the faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) with Business and Law (B&L), the faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care (HEMS) with the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), and the faculty of Science and Engineering (S&E) with the University Library. 

Many more Ruskin modules are in the pipeline (with some already scheduled for future approval). Proposals have, however, been limited to those from colleagues able to attend ideation events such as the Ruskin Modules Trailblazers Day and The Next Steps workshops. 

“The enthusiasm and passion is palpable when colleagues collaborate to create these innovative interdisciplinary modules” says Elaine Brown, Institutional Lead for Personal Development Tutoring and Ruskin Modules.  “There is a real buzz around the debate – colleagues bouncing ideas off of each other and seeing their subjects in exciting new ways.” 

We are aware that many more colleagues are working on exciting ideas, and that others are keen to contribute their expertise. Therefore following the enthusiasm, excitement and success of these events, we are opening a call for Expressions of Interest to lead and/or collaborate on the development of interdisciplinary Ruskin modules that focus on a wider societal or global challenge and embrace ARU’s Active Curriculum, Graduate Capitals, digital literacy framework, and diversification agenda.

To find out more about the Ruskin modules, explore the opportunities available to work with colleagues across our University, and answer the call for Expressions of Interest (closes Friday 3 April 2020), visit the Ruskin Module pages or contact Elaine Brown.