Call for nominations for Vice Chancellor's Awards and Anglia Ruskin University Teaching Fellowships

Published: 17 January 2018 at 14:36

Alison Ainsley receiving her award from the Vice Chancellor

Anglia Learning & Teaching has launched the annual call for the Vice Chancellor’s Awards and ARU Teaching Fellowship Awards.

The Awards and Fellowships recognise those who are making major contributions to the achievement of ARU’s ambitions.

Our Vice Chancellor's Awards recognise and reward colleagues from our University community. Let us know how you've demonstrated a positive attitude and done something which is ambitious, imaginative and collaborative. We can award up to eight awards each year. Successful nominees receive a certificate and a lapel pin from our Vice Chancellor, and a cash reward.

Anglia Ruskin University Teaching Fellowship Awards Scheme rewards those who have made outstanding contributions to learning and teaching at ARU. It also offers opportunities for further career development.
Successful claimants will receive a certificate and lapel pin from our Vice Chancellor, and have access to a modest funding stream to support them in developing their learning or teaching practice. You'll also be eligible to apply to run a pedagogic development project of strategic significance to our University whilst on temporary assignment to Anglia Learning & Teaching.

Deadlines for Vice Chancellor's Awards

Applications need a supporting statement from your Dean/Director of Service. They should receive your claim by 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018 in order to have time to provide this.

You should send your nomination with your supporting statement to Anglia Learning & Teaching by 5pm on Friday 2 March 2018.

Apply for a Vice Chancellor's Award.

Deadlines for ARU Teaching Fellowship

Application for Associate or full ARUTF and/or to lead a Strategic Pedagogic Project should be submitted for approval to line manager by 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018.
Approved applications should be submitted to Anglia Learning & Teaching ([email protected]) by 5pm on Friday 2 March 2018.

Apply for an ARU Teaching Fellowship.