Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - objectives and reports

Our equality policies apply to our staff and students and are for everyone, whatever their backgrounds or personal beliefs. Everyone at Anglia Ruskin is expected to comply with them.

We welcome any information that will help us to maintain a culture of dignity, courtesy and respect in all areas of our work.

Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 requires us to publish information about how we are working to ensure we fulfil the general duties of the Act. We are also required to set one or more equality objectives every four years. On this page you'll find our current objectives and reports.

Equality, diversity and inclusion objectives

We aim to create a more inclusive and successful learning community for our students and staff by increasing our focus on equality and diversity.

In order to achieve this, we've developed four EDI objectives to work on from 2021 to 2025.

  • Our University is committed to enhancing opportunities so that, irrespective of background or subject area, our students and graduates have the chance to realise their full potential and make a real difference, helping to transform lives and the communities they serve.
  • Achieve a staffing and leadership profile which reflects the diverse communities we work with and serve.
  • Review promotion and career paths to ensure they are aligned to the delivery of our Education Strategy as well as our commitment set out in our Athena Swan action plan. To uphold the principles of the Race Equality Charter.
  • We will enhance our already strong reputation as an inclusive and friendly university and increase the sense of belonging and pride in our institution and its mission.

Read our objectives document in full.

Equality, diversity and inclusion annual report

We also publish equality, diversity and inclusion reports to show how we're fulfilling the general duties of the Equality Act 2010.