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Research highlights for August 2021

Published: 2 September 2021 at 15:36

Find out about research published by the Vision and Eye Research Institute (VERI) in August 2021.

Madheswaran et al. (1) performed a qualitive study aiming to understand the impact on everyday life activities and related adaptive and coping strategies in people with long-standing bilateral central vision loss due to geographic atrophy in India. They found that geographic atrophy had a severe negative impact on quality of life as participants had trouble recognising faces, reading books or newspapers in poor lighting conditions and relied on others to perform daily tasks.

A novel screening tool able to stratify between primary and secondary exercise addiction, called the secondary exercise addiction scale (SEAS) was validated in Trott et al. (2). The tool has been developed to assess symptoms of exercise addiction and eating disorders, respectively, using Brown’s theory of general addiction and the DSM-5 criteria for eating disorders.

Light scatter, blinking rate, and tear osmolarity was compared in young and older subjects after exposure to low humidity using a controlled environmental chamber in Tabernero et al. (3). They found that exposure to dry environment increased light scatter in older subjects, and that blink rate and osmolarity were not associated with the difference in light scatter.

Ahmed et al. (4) examined the relationships between perfectionism, self-esteem, and the will to win and the effects of gender and the level of achievement on these variables. Self-esteem, the will to win, and the dimensions of perfectionism were positively and significantly interrelated, and male athletes obtained higher self-esteem and perfectionism (i.e., the need for approval and rumination) scores than female athletes.

In Smith et al. (5), the association between vision impairment and physical activity among older adults from low- and middle-income countries was investigated. They found that near vision impairment was not significantly associated with low physical activity, but far vision impairment showed a significant association.

The determinants of intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and willingness to pay (WTP) among people in Bangladesh was investigated in Banik et al. (6). The study indicated a considerable proportion of Bangladeshi people intended to get vaccinated and had WTP for the COVID-19 vaccine.


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