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A view from the mezzanine at University House, ARU Peterborough, with first-floor spaces visible to the left and right, and seating on the ground floor

Peterborough 50 pledge

Become a strategic partner in the Peterborough region

ARU Peterborough is playing a pivotal role in transforming our city into a regional centre, raising aspirations and having a transformational effect on the life-chances of students. We’re asking the region's employers to sign up to the Peterborough 50 pledge and work with us to make Peterborough a Skills Powerhouse through Degree Apprenticeships.

What is the Peterborough 50 pledge?

We are calling for 50 key employers in the Peterborough region to join us and pledge to recruit one or more apprentices to take up one of the new degree apprenticeships launching at ARU Peterborough in 2023/4. The pledge aims to create job growth and develop a highly-skilled workforce for the future prosperity of Peterborough.

What are the benefits?

As a Peterborough 50 employer your organisation will be a strategic partner in pioneering the growth of degree apprenticeships in the region. Other benefits include:

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"Designing the new university for Peterborough around the specific needs of our local businesses, and ensuring the university provides exactly what employers need to grow, is absolutely paramount… and this pledge brings firms and the university closer in order to achieve that." Dr Nik Johnson - Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

How can I find out more?

If you’d like to discuss joining the Peterborough 50 pledge, or any aspect of degree apprenticeships, then our designated team of experts would be delighted to hear from you.