Apprenticeship PG Dip Management and Leadership (Optional) Senior Leader

Information for employers

Are you looking to inspire fresh thinking and develop strategic leaders in your organisation? Our Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship is a cost-effective route to support the development of your high potential employees.

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Leading with impact

Our Senior Leader Apprenticeship, designed in collaboration with employers and the Chartered Management Institute, will stretch and challenge your next generation of leaders. Apprentices will develop and hone their leadership skills, ready to embrace the future, seize new opportunities and make a real impact. Our specialist programme balances business education with practical, real-time learning in the workplace.

Who is this apprenticeship for?

The apprenticeship is ideal for ambitious, high-potential senior leaders or managers who want to increase their impact on the organisation, whether in the public, private or third sectors and in all areas of the economy. It is suitable for both existing staff and new recruits with the opportunity for strategic level responsibility.

Your applicant applying for the Senior Leader Apprenticeship should be either undertaking, or have the opportunity during the programme to undertake the following areas of strategic responsibility within the context of your organisation:

Capabilities to better your business

A cost-effective way to develop your talent

Apprenticeships are a smart investment. You can reinvest Apprenticeship Levy funds to cover the cost of the apprenticeship or receive funding support from the government. 

If you operate in England and your annual payroll is over £3 million, you pay a levy of 0.5% of your payroll into a levy account. The cost of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship programme for levy paying employers is £14,000 and this can be covered in full using the non-refundable funds in your levy account. If you exhaust the funds in your levy account, then the government will pay 95% of the outstanding fees and you will need to pay the remaining 5%. 

If your organisation is not required to pay the levy, you will pay only 5% of the cost of the apprenticeship programme while the government pays the remaining 95%. 

There is an additional fee of £550 for the PG Diploma. This is an additional cost which cannot be funded from the Levy and therefore will be required to be funded by the employer, or self-funded by the apprentice.

Top-up Masters qualification
Upon successful completion of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship there is an option for your apprentice to complete a dissertation which will enable them to top-up to a Masters qualification. This work-based project will be approved by the employer and must have direct relevance and ‘real life’ impact in the context of your organisation. 

Industry recognised professional accreditation

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Accredited by the CMI

We work with the CMI as our End Point Assessment organisation. Successful completion of the Senior Leader Level 7 apprenticeship will lead to the award of either Chartered Manager or Chartered Fellow status.

This accredited programme also enables apprentices to apply to the CMI for ongoing professional membership of this internationally recognised professional body.

Delivered through face-to-face masterclasses and work-based learning

This course is tutor-led through a series of face-to-face masterclasses at corporate venues, such as hotels and conference centres in Cambridge and Chelmsford.

As part of their apprenticeship, employers must support their apprentices in protecting time for ‘off-the-job’ training (OTJT) during their contracted, paid, employment hours, which will differ from their usual work duties. This time will be dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSB) needed to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship.*

Because your apprentice is working and learning simultaneously, they can apply new expertise immediately to their work and share expertise within their teams.

*Number of hours varies depending on the apprenticeship and the apprentice’s initial training plan and is a requirement of the apprenticeships funding but will be a minimum of 20% of a 30-hour week where an apprentice works more than 30 hours per week for an employer.

What are the entry requirements? 

Your organisation will have its own personal specification and will know what type of senior leader you want to develop to the next level. However, there are minimum academic and work entry requirements for your applicants, so please look at them in detail on the apprentice course page

Our team of dedicated consultants can talk you through the detail. 

Visit the apprentice course page for full course details

Helping you find the right apprentice

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Recruitment support

Our dedicated apprenticeship team is on hand to help you attract the best candidates for your organisation. We can help with:

  • Crafting job advertisements
  • Promoting your vacancy to our registered and targeted candidate mailing list
  • Adding your vacancy to the National Apprenticeship Service ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ on your behalf
  • Sharing opportunities across our social media channels.

Our consultants will also be happy to support you in determining the suitability of the candidates you receive.

Next steps

If you'd like to know more about the apprenticeship, have a current employee in mind or are thinking of recruiting an apprentice for your business, our designated team of experts are here to support you at every step. Get in touch today.