Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy interviews

Once we have received your application to study Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy, we’ll send you instructions for a short video submission.

This will be a one-minute video where we’ll be assessing your communication skills and ability to stick to time. We’ll use this video alongside your application and personal statement to shortlist for interview.

Interview day

Online interviews using Microsoft Teams

We’ll be conducting our interviews for MSc Physiotherapy and MSc Occupational Therapy via Microsoft Teams.

We’ll invite you to attend an interview and give you a time slot, you’ll be given a link to join a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Please download the Microsoft Teams app on to your device (laptop or computer) or if you are using Chrome you can access via the web browser.

To use Teams, your device needs to have a camera and a microphone. At the beginning of your interview, we’ll ask you to show ID to verify who you are. We won’t ask to see qualifications at this stage. Please note your interview may be recorded.

Your interview will consist of a group exercise with service users, questions and scenarios. We’ll be interested in your knowledge and understanding of the role of a physiotherapist or occupational therapist and your values.

Interview with service users

In stage one of the interview, we’ll assess your communication, interaction, decision making, problem solving and reason skills using real life scenarios, with service users.

Panel interview

In stage two, you’ll attend a panel interview, where we’ll be looking for your breadth of understanding of the role, your motivation, work experience and commitment. We’ll also explore your understanding of the core values of the NHS and HCPC, such as Communication, Competence, Respect and Dignity, Confidentiality, Teamwork.

After your interview

After your interview, you’ll hear from our Admissions Team if you have been made an offer, which may be conditional on qualifications. All offers will be subject to a DBS check and a satisfactory Occupational Health check. If you are unsuccessful you may request feedback on your interview.