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CoDE Director's book is translated and published in Chinese

Published: 1 December 2014 at 09:15

'Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: applying the ARM mbed' UK and Chinese editions

CoDE Director Dr Rob Toulson's textbook, Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: applying the ARM mbed, has been translated and published in Chinese.

The book looks at ARM's novel mbed programming platform and guides the reader through a number of projects in embedded C coding and digital hardware design.

The book is particularly successful given that it promotes a pathway into electronics for non-engineering professionals, allowing artists and creative professionals to implement advanced technologies in their work. The ARM mbed platform is extremely powerful, so the textbook also serves the professional electronics community well too.

Since its initial publication in 2012 the book has sold over 5,000 copies worldwide, convincing Elsevier to translate for the Chinese market. Dr Toulson and co-author Tim Wilmshurst of the University of Derby have also been commissioned by Elsevier to write an extended second edition for publication in 2016.