Running groups at ARU

A group of runners running towards the camera

ARU's running groups aim to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities whatever your ability.

Running in a group can help you stay motivated and focused on running. It is a great way to meet new people who like to run and talk. You are also less likely to skip a session if there are people expecting you to turn up.

Running in a group also provides safety and if someone gets injured or feels ill there is always someone there to help.

  • Cambridge group: Thursday 17:15-18:15 - meet at Helmore Gym
  • Chelmsford group: Tuesday 17:15-18:15 - meet at Mildmay Sports Centre

Join ARU Runners on Strava

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We want to bring together runners from across the Anglia Ruskin University community. Join us on Strava to measure your running achievements and meet other runners.


  1. Download the Strava app to an Android device or Download the Strava app to an Apple device
  2. Once downloaded, set up your free account.
  3. Search under the club section for ARU Runners.