Help with funding for staff

Our Research Services Team is here to support ARU staff through the funding application process.

We can help you with funding opportunities, applications, costings, risk assessment and peer review so that you can submit the best possible application – and get funding to do the research you're passionate about.

Find a funding opportunity

You may already know that you'd like to apply for UK, EU or international funding, and we have further guidance on applying for research funding.

If you're not sure, there are other ways to find the right opportunity.

  • The Research Services Team can support you through the entire funding application process. Contact us for advice and guidance.
  • Sign up to Research Professional and you’ll get just that. Available on any networked University computer, you can access the database using your username and password and search thousands of opportunities. Alternatively, set up an email alert for funding opportunities in your chosen area and get a weekly email.

If you have any queries about research funding, please email [email protected] or check our FAQs page.

Is it research?

Before choosing your funder and starting an application, you should first check that what you want to do is actually research.

  • Basic research is experimental or theoretical work done primarily to acquire new knowledge without any particular application or use in view.
  • Applied research is also original investigation done to acquire new knowledge but directed primarily towards a specific aim or objective.
  • Experimental development is systematic work, drawing on existing knowledge gained from research and/or practical experience. The aim is to produce new materials, products or devices, to install new systems and services, or substantially improve those already produced or installed.

If your project falls into one of the categories above then you're ready to start your journey.

We want you to flourish and fulfil your research potential, so the Research Services Team is here to help you along the way. Email [email protected] for advice and guidance on applying for funding.