More than skin deep

Professor Viren Swami is a social psychologist and an international expert on attraction and body image.

In particular, Viren's research explores the effects of nature on our self-esteem, body image and mental health – something that's more relevant now than ever, in the wake of COVID-19, lockdown, and exhortations to stay home and stay local.

Viren is also the author of Attraction Explained. Praised as 'beautifully written' and 'scrupulously accurate', the book looks at who we fall for and why, and shines a light on the science behind relationships.

Body of evidence

Why do we experience low self-esteem and negative body image – and what role can nature play in promoting a sense of happiness and wellbeing?

The great outdoors Mirror, mirror on the wall

Attraction explained

Find out more about Viren's work on love, attraction and relationships. Warning: dating myths may be debunked along the way.

Love in the time of equality Why opposites rarely attract