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Call for Expressions of Interest: NTF Scheme and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence

Published: 18 October 2022 at 10:00

Each year teaching excellence is recognised through the awards of National Teaching Fellow and the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence. Judged by peers across the sector and administered by Advance HE, these two prestigious awards are a rare opportunity to receive recognition for sustained excellence in teaching and the support of learning.

National Teaching Fellow award

The National Teaching Fellow (NTF) award recognises and rewards individuals for the significant impact they make on both student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. What they have achieved is inspiring and contributes significantly to the sector's efforts to continuously improve learning and teaching for the wider benefit of students and society.

Last year Professor Claire Pike was successful in becoming one of the eight National Teaching Fellows we now have at ARU.

Claire says:

“Achieving a National Teaching Fellowship has enabled me to join an international community of National Fellows who are passionate about making Higher Education as good as it possibly can be. I have met some inspiring individuals who are generous in sharing their ideas and innovations for the benefit of teaching staff and students throughout the world.”
Claire Pike holding her NTF award certificate

Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence

The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) recognises and rewards the key role that teamwork plays in enhancing teaching and learning through collaborative approaches in higher education.

Last year our ‘Innovative Placements & Capacity Expansion Team’, led by Dr Mary Edmonds, became the second team at ARU to achieve a CATE.

Mary says:

”The Innovative Placements & Capacity Expansion (IPCE) team in FHEMS were delighted to win a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE). This award recognised the team’s shared values and collective resilience of how we worked through the challenges to enable students to have healthcare placements during Covid. It feels incredible to have had our achievements acknowledged at a national level. Winning CATE has provided more visibility, credibility, and built up our reputation in providing innovative placements. Our success has now led to new opportunities and collaborations. We have been able to take stock and reflect on the work we were doing. Applying for the CATE enabled us to highlight our accomplishments.”
Lisa Sharp, Mary Edmonds and Annie Cowcher holding an award certificate

We invite interested teams to make submissions for this highly sought after award by submitting their interest against the criteria of:

  • Excellence in the team’s collaborative approach - Evidence of excellence in the team’s approach to working collaboratively, commensurate with their context and the opportunities afforded by it.
  • Excellence in the impact of collaborative working - Evidence of the team having a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning, including beyond their immediate academic or professional area.

This award is for a team which makes a positive impact on teaching or learning through collaborative working. Although the team may collaborate with others, the award is limited to core teams of between three and a maximum of 15 members. A ‘core’ team can be defined as the originators/initiators of perhaps a wider group’s work. Core team members may be drawn across disciplines/professional teams/ students/external groups, etc., and all career stages; i.e., not related to seniority or status of members’ job roles.


The University strongly encourages you to claim recognition for your excellent contributions to learning and teaching at ARU.

Anglia Learning & Teaching (AL&T) and our NTF Network Group will provide support to those interested in applying for recognition through these national awards. AL&T’s Andrew Middleton, who is a National Teaching Fellow, says:

“We are delighted to be able to offer support to colleagues. We have mentored many NTFs through to recognition and have supported many innovative teams between us. Taking the opportunity to reflect on the difference you make is highly rewarding. Knowing that, nationally, your peers respect you is the icing on the cake.”

Please download the relevant internal Expression of Interest form to find out more:

Expression of Interest for National Teaching Fellows and National Teaching Fellows Guidance Document.

Expression of Interest for Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence Guidance Document.

Please send all Expressions of Interest for the National Teaching Fellowship or Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence by 12pm on 4 November 2022 to: [email protected].