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Brontes are ready to write their own chapters

Published: 18 October 2019 at 13:00

Bronte Taylors

Namesakes born a day apart graduate from ARU - in English Literature

Two students linked by extraordinary coincidences graduated from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) this week, and both will hope to hit the Wuthering Heights in their respective future careers

For both students have the name Bronte Taylor, were born just one day apart and graduated from the same English Literature course at ARU.

The grandfather of one of the 22-year-old graduates was a huge fan of the writings of the Bronte sisters and this was a factor in her name. But the origins of the name given to the younger of the two Brontes, who lives near March in Cambridgeshire, was nothing to do with the famous literary sisters:

“My mum actually got my name from the film Green Card! 

“I found out there was someone with the same name on the very first day of uni. When we were registered they called Bronte Taylor we both answered.

“In the first week we had a class together and they were trying to decide how to differentiate between us. At first they thought about calling us Bronte 1 and Bronte 2, then they decided to do it on age, and that’s when we discovered our birthdays were a day apart!”

The very slightly older Bronte said:

“We both found it so funny when we found about the coincidences, I’d never met or even heard of another Bronte so it was really strange.

“We studied a few bits of the Brontes here and there during the course, the classics mainly.”

Despite so many similarities, both graduates have different ideas about how to use their degree. The older Bronte, from Stowmarket in Suffolk, has embarked on Masters degree in Marketing at ARU with hopes to go into social media within the fashion industry, while her classmate is already working for a publishing company and has ambitions to travel as much as possible.