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Student research

Every year a number of Health, Medicine and Social Care students are given the opportunity to undertake paid internships to gain experience in research under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

The posters below showcase findings from some of these projects.

Ayesha Ali

Development of a low-cost super-resolution microscope for biomedical imaging (PDF)

Shadi Amor

Analysis of Growth Plate Dynamics using Avizo Imaging Software on Mechanically Loaded Osteoarthritis Murine Model (PDF)

Asif Ezuddin

Systematic review of SNPs and sleep disorders (PDF)

Ebony Fleet

Female Veteran Identity (PDF)

Raul Iacob

Accessibility of healthcare for individuals with multi-sensory impairments (PDF)

Kamakshi Jani

Investigating growth plate dynamics using mechanically loaded models to identify mechanisms underpinning osteoarthritis predisposition (PDF)

Kumareshan Mathushja

Building a Low-Cost Super-Resolution Microscope for Cell Imaging and Detection of Biomarker Diseases (PDF)

Aisha Mohamed

Investigating Growth Plate Dynamics in Murine Model of Osteoarthritis (PDF)

Omar Noor

Visual Short-Term Memory Binding in Type 2 Diabetes (PDF)

Michaela Oates

Experiences of support for families following a maternal death - a stakeholder consultation (PDF)

Sarah A. Roody

Optimisation of a cardiac fibroblast assay (PDF)

Hasanah Sivardeen

A Comparative Study of Hospital Staff Attendance Between the UK and Turkey Post Natural Disasters (PDF)

Advaith Suresh Nair

Developing an artificially intelligent database for healthcare disaster resilience (PDF)