For trial participants

This page contains links and information that we hope will be useful to patients currently participating in the ASGARD study, as well as those that are potentially interested in taking part.

What is the purpose of the project?

Gout attacks affect approximately 1.3 million people with kidney disease in the UK. We do not know the safest and best way to treat an attack of gout in these patients. We want to compare the safest treatment currently available, steroids, with a new treatment that is being increasingly used called Anakinra. Anakinra stops the action of a chemical called interleukin-1 which plays an important role in the acute gout attack, and we think it might be a better alternative to steroid treatment. This project is looking at a small number of people and will provide information to plan a larger study. We hope the larger study will then go on to tell us which treatment may be better, safer and more cost-effective.

Study documents

Download the relevant study documentation:

ASGARD Patient Information Sheet
ASGARD Outline of Visits and Assessments
ASGARD Letter of Invitation

Contact information

For further information on the ASGARD study, please email the following:

Current trial participants, please contact the Research Nurse, Viji George: [email protected]

Potential trial participants, please contact the Lead Investigator, Dr Gowrie Balasubramaniam:[email protected]