Writtle University College and ARU have merged. Writtle’s full range of college, degree, postgraduate and short courses will still be delivered on the Writtle campus. See our guide to finding Writtle information on this site.


We are currently working on trials in the areas of prostate cancer, chronic kidney disease, gout, stroke, acute cardiac care and dementia.

Please use the links below to view a selection of our current studies.

THEPCA trial - A Randomised Feasibility Trial to Investigate the Timing of HDR Brachytherapy with EBRT in Intermediate and High Risk Localised Prostate Cancer Patients and its Effects on Toxicity and Quality of Life. 

ASGARD - A study to determine the feasibility of undertaking a definitive randomised multi-centre, double-blind, double-dummy controlled study of a novel agent Anakinra, an IL-1 receptor antagonist vs. the current UK standard treatment, Depo-medrone for acute gout attacks in patients with moderate chronic kidney disease.

MAVEN - A randomised controlled clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of bandaging compared to the Juxta Cures™ device in the management of people with venous ulceration: Feasibility Study.

SMART4MD - Support Monitoring and Reminder Technology for Mild Dementia (a Horizon 2020 project).

FAB trial  - The feasibility of Fingerprick Autologous Blood (FAB) as a novel treatment for severe dry eye disease (DED): a randomised controlled trial.