EoE Cancer Care Alliance CCR pilot evaluation

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The East of England Cancer Alliance ran Cancer Care Review pilots across the Eastern region. Cancer Care Reviews already occur within GP practices, and the pilots aimed to improve the current variation of the quality of these CCRs across the East of England. These CCRs were led by GPs or nurses, depending on the patients’ needs.

In the pilots run by the Cancer Alliance, GP surgeries:

  • Contacted patients once they had been added onto the cancer register. This was a call or a letter with an invitation to attend the practice for the appointment, which was completed by the GP or nurse within six months of diagnosis.
  • Arranged for a holistic CCR at the end of the primary treatment. This was within three months of the end of active treatment, and was carried out by the GP or practice nurse.

A number of templates were used by the surgeries to carry out the reviews. Members of staff carrying out the CCRs were also given training at the start of the pilots.

ARU staff were asked to run an evaluation of these pilots. We measured its effectiveness in the following ways:

  • Training evaluation
  • Staff evaluation
  • Patient evaluation
  • CCR process evaluation 


June 2019 – September 2020


Full report

Summary report

Pilot toolkit