TNE Nurse UKIND (Transnational Nursing Education UK and Indonesia) is a collaborative international project between Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and Universitas Gadjah Mada Indonesia (UGM), that aims to improve nursing education and competencies in both countries by sharing knowledge and skills.

Six members of staff from ARU and UGM (Indonesia) at UGM's Faculty of Medicine, left-right: Dr Syahirul Alim, Dr Khudazi Aulawi, Dr Ahmad Hamin Sadewa, Dr Robert Priharjo, Dr Hephzibah Samuel, Nic Guthrie

A meeting between ARU and UGM Team in Yogyakarta, Nov 2022. From left: Dr Syahirul Alim, Dr Khudazi Aulawi, Dr Ahmad Hamin Sadewa, Dr Robert Priharjo, Dr Hephzibah Samuel, Nic Guthrie

The project, funded by British Council Indonesia, started in 2022 through the Going Global Partnership scheme. The initial funding is for two years, but the team is aiming to sustain the project by securing internal and external funding from different sources.

The project is led by Dr Robert Priharjo (ARU) and Dr Syahirul Alim (UGM).

This project aims to develop a partnership enabling practitioners from the UK and Indonesia to share nursing education practices and competencies that are transferable and relevant to the healthcare systems in both countries.

The main targets are nursing higher education institutions and nursing organisations, with other relevant stakeholders also being included.

The State of the World’s Nursing 2020 (WHO, 2020) recommends investment in nursing education by accelerating and sustaining jobs and leadership to avoid a projected global workforce shortage of six million, and to meet the goal of 'health for all by 2030'.

In the UK, nursing education can only be conducted at approved educational institutions. Nursing standards and registration are regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

In Indonesia, the Nursing Act (UU Keperawatan Nomor 38, 2014) stipulates how nursing is managed. However, due to having many different education institutions and bodies, the country faces a number of practical issues. A crucial challenge is the development and application of measures and metrics to ensure that nursing graduates are clinically competent.

This project will address these issues by assisting partners in Indonesia to identify core nursing skills, sharing best practices in innovations and education to respond to current challenges, and reviewing curricula and designing objective assessment tools such as Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for nursing graduates.

This project aligns with ARU's strategy, particularly in terms of delivering international excellence and building and nurturing vibrant communities.

So far, we have implemented a range of joint online activities and face-to-face curriculum benchmarking, workshops and conferences in Indonesia and the UK.

14 members of staff from ARU and UGM Indonesia in a seminar room on ARU's Chelmsford campus

TNE and international mobility meeting between ARU and UGM at ARU's Chelmsford campus, May 2023.
Second row, from left: Martin McCharty, Rosett Sibona-Moyo, Nic Guthrie, Dr Melanie Bird, Dr Sian Shaw, Sharon Ferrie, Dr Hephzibah Samuel, Lesley Drayton, Dr Lauren Crabb.
First row, from left: Dr Robert Priharjo, Dr Syahirul Alim, Dr Khudazi Aulawi, Prof Nigel Harrison, Dr Mark Norrish

For more information about the project, please contact Dr Robert Priharjo at [email protected] or Dr Syahirul Alim at [email protected]

The team is committed to promoting quality of education in nursing and achieving Sustainable Development Goals relating to education, gender and equality through joint activities, principally:

  1. Seminars on education innovations.
  2. Curriculum workshops and seminars.
  3. Joint teaching sessions.
  4. Staff exchanges.
  5. "Train the trainer" sessions on core nursing skills.

Outcomes of the project, representing a return on investment, will be:

  • Transfer of core knowledge and skills in nursing education.
  • Curriculum mapping and recommendations.
  • Stronger collaboration between UK and Indonesia, promoting staff development, satisfaction, capacity, and mobility.
  • Published research outputs.

Other ARU team members

Hephzibah Samuel

Dr Hephzibah Samuel (Deputy Head, School of Nursing)

UGM team members

Syahirul Alim

Syahirul Alim, PhD (Co-Project Lead)

Ariani Ap Pertiwi

Ariani Ap Pertiwi, DNP (Secretary, Undergraduate Nursing Programme)

Khudazi Alawi

Khudazi Alawi, PhD (Head, Medical Surgical Nursing)

Widyawati Poernomo

Widyawati Poernomo, PhD (Head, Department of Paediatric and Maternity Nursing)

Rahma Mahdia Izzati

Rahma Mahdia Izzati, SKP (Project Administrator)


23 November 2023

Project team shares expertise at Going Global conference

At the British Council's request, Dr Robert Priharjo shared lessons learned from implementing TNE Nurse UKIND at the Going Global conference at the University of Edinburgh on 22 November 2023. This three-day conference brought leaders of international education together to discuss mobility, science and TNE, including the benefits of partnerships for training, evaluation, and qualifications.

A large number of delegates posing in a conference room at the UK-Indonesia Higher Education Forum in Edinburgh in November 2023
Find out more about the Going Global conference
22 November 2023

ARU experts provide moving and handling training in Indonesia

Nic Guthrie and Daniel Heggie (Senior Lecturer in Clinical Skills and Simulation) shared their expertise in teaching students moving and handling techniques with colleagues at UGM from 15-21 November 2023, as part of the TNE Nurse UKIND project's aim to promote quality of education in nursing through "train the trainer" sessions on core skills.