PBES publications

In 2014, the Practices, Built Environment and Sustainability Network published its Thinking Note Collection, and invited responses from experts.

Thinking Note Collection

Network members were given the challenging task of delivering three-page notes, which succinctly tackled potential (usually conceptual) future developments and/or 'sticking points' in the PBES field. These notes cover a wide range of topics ranging from time, narrative and codes and standards, to know-how, feedback and communities of practice.

Thinking Note Collection (2014)

Responses to the Thinking Note Collection

We asked experts to respond to the original PBES Thinking Note Collection. Their responses cover a wide range of topical points of debate, some of which have endured throughout the development of theories of practice, with others only starting to emerge more recently. The responses have been ordered into four thematic parts:

  1. Theories, frames and lenses
  2. Materials of practice
  3. Knowledges, communities and learning
  4. Change and new directions.

Foulds et al (2015) Responses to the PBES Thinking Note Collection_Final