The Philosophy of Bad Habits

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We all struggle with bad habits in our life, but why do we have them, how do we overcome them, and what does it reveal about our human predicament?

Our tendency to act against our better judgement is detrimental to both our personal happiness and health, as well as to our collective effort to solve the major problems of our time with climate procrastination being at the centre of the current climate crisis, according to the UN climate panel.

Philosopher Henrik Schøneberg talks about what philosophers since ancient times have said about this great puzzle of existence. With the help of modern psychology and neuroscience, a more comprehensive understanding emerges that can help us stop bad habits, and also be more compassionate towards ourselves and each other when we struggle to live in accordance with our better judgement.

Henrik Schoeneberg is a philosopher from Copenhagen, Denmark who specializes in the human mind and our ability to think and act well.

He regularly takes part in the Cambridge Festival, with talks on topics such as individual consciousness, collective consciousness, artificial intelligence and why music moves us. Henrik has published articles in well-established and widely read magazines of ideas, such as Wired, New Humanist and Philosophy Now. His article ‘Bad Arguments That Make You Smarter’ on the topic of logical fallacies became one of the most widely read in Philosophy Now. 

Additionally, Henrik is the founder of Thales Day – an annual celebration of the tradition of philosophy and science with an outset in its ancient Greek origin designed to strengthen critical thinking and stimulate intellectual debate.

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