Homeside dementia project is launched in the UK

Published: 18 December 2019 at 14:36

One person reading a book and another person playing guitar

Researchers from Australia, Norway, Poland and Germany will collaborate with music therapists in the UK

On 4 December 2019, Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research celebrated the official launch of Homeside in the UK.

Homeside researchers from Australia, Norway, Poland and Germany joined in the celebrations, as well as people affected by dementia who are advising on the study, colleagues and local partners.

The evening was a great celebration of the years of work that have gone into planning the Homeside study, which is funded by Alzheimer’s Society in the UK, and looking forward to how it might benefit people living with dementia and their caregivers. The evening culminated in a Public Research Lecture by Professor Felicity Baker, who is leading the Homeside study from the University of Melbourne.

Homeside is evaluating the use of music therapy and reading for people with dementia and their family caregivers. Find out more about the study or get involved.