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Media services

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We have a wide range of professional media equipment, facilities and support available.

Media production equipment, facilities, and support

Whether you are taking photos, recording a podcast, filming an assessment, or running an event, we have equipment to suit your needs.

Our facilities include studios for photography, film and TV production, video editing, colour grading and audio finishing suites and a vocal booth.

Experienced advisory support is available in-person, over the phone or via our email. Whether you are an experienced media professional or a complete beginner, we can assist you to produce your desired outcome.

Our facilities

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Photography studios – All equipped with Profoto flash heads, 2.9m wide background roller systems and a variety of light modifiers and accessories. There is also access to a Perspex still life table.

Video studio – A multi-purpose video studio/sound stage space with a complete lighting rig, a variety of curtain backdrops including a green screen and various grip accessories including track and dolly available for trained users.

TV studio – A multi-camera 4K television studio with a broadcast style gallery for as-live productions. Complete with a versatile lighting rig and a variety of set options and props.

Edit suites – Equipped with professional video editing hardware and software including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Davinci Resolve. Our Audio finishing suite includes a Fairlight mixing desk and studio quality speakers. The colour grading suite comes complete with a Davinci Resolve Advanced grading panel, colour accurate reference monitor and waveform/vector scopes.

Vocal recording booth – A single person, acoustically treated vocal recording booth with condenser microphone that can be self-operated internally or by a sound engineer externally. Equipped with Adobe Audition.

Loan equipment

Equipment available for loan includes:

  • A variety of HD and 4K video cameras
  • Canon, Nikon, and Sony Mirrorless and DSLR cameras
  • A wide range of video and photography lenses
  • Sound recorders, mixers, and microphones
  • Projectors, screens, and speakers
  • LED lighting and accessories
  • Tripods, sliders, gimbals, and other support equipment
  • Graphic tablets, monitors, and VR headsets

External bookings

Please contact us for further information or hire rates of equipment and facilities.

Contact us

All enquiries and bookings:

Call: 01223 698205
E-mail: [email protected]


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