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Michelle and Anna take a fall to raise funds

Published: 7 June 2017 at 13:34

Senior Law Lecturer Michelle McCanna and students Luke Collis and Anna South in front of an aeroplane

Proceeds from skydive go towards Mission Botswana trip

At the end of May, Michelle McCanna (Senior Lecturer, Law) and Anna South (third year LLB student, Chelmsford) took part in a tandem skydive to raise funds for ARU’s 2017 Mission Botswana project.

Organised by the Anglia Ruskin chaplaincy, Mission Botswana usually works at a Resource Centre for the Blind, helping to maintain and develop the facilities for visually impaired and disabled children.

This year, a new project will see the team redecorating and repairing a house in a children¹s orphanage just outside the capital city of Gabarone. The house, home to eight children, is one of 18 on the site, all run by the SOS Children’s Villages Charity.

Anna, Michelle and the rest of the volunteers will travel to Botswana in July to begin work on the project.  Along with fellow skydiver and Civil Engineering student Luke Collis, the pair have raised well over £1,000, which will go towards vital materials and equipment for the trip.

Congratulations to Anna and Michelle for all their efforts so far, along with our best wishes for the work ahead.

Image: (Left to right) Michelle, Luke and Anna, shortly before boarding the plane for the skydive.