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Why I chose university study for business and tourism


Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business with Tourism
Category: Business

10 April 2024

If you are currently struggling to decide whether going to university is the right choice for you, then you've chosen the right page to read! I'm sharing my experience in the hope of easing your decision-making process.

The journey towards applying to university was a difficult path for me as I initially did not consider going to uni until halfway through my A-levels. I only knew one thing and that was my desire to work in the tourism and hospitality industry.

So, what exactly was the catalyst that caused me to consider university? It was a combination of my increased drive to learning and Covid-19 causing uncertainty in the industry.

During A-levels I decided that working in the tourism and hospitality industry was the career path for me. That was because I enjoy learning about other cultures, and I was already starting to learn basic skills and knowledge about the industry from my workplace, which encouraged me to pursue it in the future.

I initially planned to gain work experience after A-levels and work my way up, however when the pandemic closed schools and lockdown started, I was forced to do more independent study for my subjects. Independent studying allowed me to appreciate learning more and I began to consider that continuing education could be an option for me, especially since my school did not offer business and management as a subject, which made me unsure of my preparedness to work in the industry straight after A-levels.

Therefore, I started my research on tourism and hospitality courses, as well as getting tips and advice on how to find the right university using websites like The Student Room, where there were many useful threads that allowed me to view universities as more welcoming and relatable. It made me feel more interested in going to university.

However, the defining factor was the uncertainty that Covid-19 caused, because most businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry were significantly affected, causing unemployment and decline in profits. This uncertainty made me believe that university was the safer option because I would be able to wait and see whether the industry could be restored, while having the ability to learn and gain new skills that would prepare me to work professionally after I graduate.

After deciding to apply, I had to plan an effective decision-making process that would allow me to successfully find the right university. Unfortunately, this was not easy because my family expected me to continue with my initial plan, and although they warmed up to the idea of me studying tourism management they were not understanding in the beginning. In addition, I found that most of my friends were taking a gap year after A-levels which did not open many opportunities to discuss university applications.

If you are also unsure and alone in your decision-making process, you could ask for help through The Student Room, as this will allow you to connect with other potential students and current students. It can give insight into the university experience and help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

I knew that choosing university was the right choice for me because of my drive to continue education, gain new skills and learn the knowledge required before working professionally.

As I approach graduation, I feel confident in my decisions so far and I am proud of the progress I have made, and I believe that ARU has significantly helped me in my personal development. I am incredibly grateful for the experience, friends, and skills I have gained because of ARU, and I hope that everyone who chooses to go to university finds the perfect place for them, as I have for myself.

Althea studies BSc (Hons) Business with Tourism at ARU in Cambridge. Find out more about this and other degree courses at one of our Open Days.


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