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Why I chose to study optometry at university


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Vision and Hearing Sciences
Course: BOptom (Hons) Optometry
Category: Vision and hearing sciences

8 May 2017

Sonija was always interested in taking care of others, and is now training to be an optometrist at ARU In Cambridge. Here, she explains what led her to study optometry.

As a university course may directly relate to your further career, it can be a lifelong job. So I wanted to choose a course which I would not regret taking. Optometry gave me what I wanted.

Why did I choose to study optometry?

I have always believed that being in the medical profession means being able to satisfy my personal motivation – being able to help those in need. Discovering people's needs and helping them to overcome their problems is the emphasis of this profession: to improve someone’s standard of life so that they can return to their usual lives.

Optometry allows me to improve the lives of others and broadens my general medical knowledge.

I have personal experience of the difference optometry can make to a person's life. The first time I went into an optometry clinic for an appointment at aged eight, like most children, I was afraid of it. The test lasted for an hour, during which the optometrist shone a light in my eyes a couple of times. However, after a year I found it was interesting. I went on rounds and tried to know more about the machines at the clinic with my optometrist, and my desire of being an optometrist increased.

When I was ten, it was fascinating to have my first orthokeratology (overnight vision correction). I was amazed when I could see clearly after I removed the lenses when I woke up. Optometry has made my life easier. Therefore, I hope that in undertaking my degree in optometry, I can be the one to make others' lives more meaningful.

What's good about my optometry degree at ARU?

Personally, the effective way to learn is by doing and asking. This course allows me to develop my knowledge, skills and qualifications which are needed to succeed.

Optometry at ARU

Sonija studied BOptoms (Hons) Optometry at ARU in Cambridge. We now offer a four-year degree course in Optometry, which includes a Masters year. It allows you to register with the General Optical Council as a fully qualified optometrist when you graduate.

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