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Where do I want my sociology degree to take me?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) Sociology
Category: Social sciences and social care

3 March 2020

Second-year Sociology student Amy shares her thoughts on what she'd like to do after she graduates from her degree.

When I first decided to study Sociology, I didn’t have a specific career in mind, I just knew that I loved the subject. That was a great decision from the beginning, as it has meant studying has never felt like a chore and I’ve really enjoyed studying my degree.

Doing my research

I have used career sites to help me refine some career opportunities and I knew that, ultimately, I wanted to do a job where I could have an impact and help people.

I thought about maybe having a job in social work, perhaps helping vulnerable children or struggling families, and I think I will keep this option open as I head into the world of work.

However, I do have one career in mind that I have always wanted to do, and that hasn’t changed as I come to the end of my degree: teaching. Right now, this is my aim. I know my mind could change a million times before I commit, and that’s okay!

Learning more about myself at university

Through the experience I have gained working as an Ambassador for ARU, I know that I enjoy speaking to people, and like I said earlier, I want to make a positive difference to people’s lives!

ARU has really helped me to think about my future, with career meetings and workshops within the University helping me feel so supported.

No need to rush into things

After I graduate, I would like to maybe further my studies by doing a Masters, and then teaching will be my first option career-wise.

But, you never know what opportunities are going to arise in the future, so I’m definitely keeping my options open a bit, just for now. That’s definitely a huge benefit of studying a degree like Sociology: really, the opportunities are endless.

It can be a stressful time trying to plan out the next few years – but I’m excited for the future! I think this is a common fear for third-year university students to face, but being positive and taking every opportunity I can has really helped prepare me for this next big step.

Amy studies Sociology at ARU in Cambridge. If you're interested in studying here too, browse undergraduate degrees or come and explore at our next Open Day.


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