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Tips for staying warm in the UK Winter

Yash Srivastava

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: MSc International Business Management
Category: Student blogs

29 January 2024

Picture of a student standing next to a tree with pink flowers and a cloudy sky.

Embarking on solo living, separated from loved ones, brings challenges of adapting to new cultures and navigating the unpredictable weather, as seen in the UK. Yet, the saying "A bad penny always turns up" offers solace, emphasising the transient nature of challenges in this journey of independence.

Navigating Cultural Shocks and New Living Conditions

The thought of living without loved ones is scary enough but to live and manage everything by yourself is petrifying. But, don’t worry there’s an old saying “A bad penny always turns up.”The beginning seems confusing, new roads, new ways of expression paired with culture shocks, and, coping with new living conditions are thrilling. Especially coming from a warm country, it is hard to cope with the weather.

Weathering the Storm: Coping with the UK's Indecisive Weather

Picture of a sunset reflecting on a reservoir

In the initial few months, I struggled the most with the climate as I tend to get sick as it gets cold and the UK is known for indecisive weather. I recall a stranger telling me to not trust the sunshine as it can get dark and rainy at any moment. So, whenever you can get sunlight soak it up. Dealing with constant rain can be curbed with a heavy jacket which will keep you warm from the chilly strong winds as well. Best case, carry an umbrella or a raincoat if you’re dressed up for an occasion. Although, you have to grip your umbrella tightly to make sure not to lose it to the winds. Checking weather forecasts before the news becomes your routine as to get to places warm and dry is foremost. But once you get on with your life everything feels natural. Just remember to prioritize your well-being as you know you are your guardian.


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