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Ten local causes you can get involved with


Category: Social sciences and social care

25 June 2018

Looking to donate your time and expertise? Here are ten ways you an get involved in Cambridge, Chelmsford or Peterborough - and on campus.

Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign

Do something for a fantastic cause. Pledge to help refugees in times of crisis. Find a role to fill, donate useful and essential items, and help raise awareness.

Oblique Arts

Got a flair for the creative? Turn your hand at creating artistic opportunities for the community. Oblique Arts works with the homeless, people with disabilities, children living in poverty and members of the Traveller community in Cambridge. Help to inspire and educate.

Jimmy’s Night Shelter

Jimmy’s was Cambridge’s first all-year-round night shelter for the homeless. They offer shelter, food, safety and support for rough sleepers all around the city. Lend a hand by donating or volunteering your time. 

Peterborough Volunteer Centre

Unsure about where your help is needed most? Get in touch with PCVS, and they’ll help you with training and finding suitable volunteer work. A great thing to have on your CV.

Youth Offending Services

Offer your support to young offenders and their families in Peterborough. You can help them to make amends, get their voices heard, and help to prevent reoffences. Get in touch with [email protected] or [email protected] to find out what you can do.


Turn your compassion towards helping young people and young adults with disabilities and their families. Help out in Chelmsford by becoming a mentor, gardener, or by working closely with staff for short break activities.

The Wilderness Foundation

Get lost. Wilderness therapy can help people with mental health issues and vulnerable young people and adults, by using nature as a safe space for education, exploration and self-care. Volunteer in Chelmsford or donate to help out.


http://www.ymcaessex.org.uk/ and https://ymcatrinitygroup.org.uk/
Well known for their support services for children, young people and families. Volunteer your time in Cambridge or Chelmsford to help offer people in need a safe and supportive place to stay.


A small charity in Chelmsford that's helped hundreds of homeless people find temporary accommodation and support services for over 21 years. Always in need of good volunteers.

Student societies... and more

While you're studying at ARU, take the opportunity to join a student society or start your own. Become a course rep and share your knowledge, or join a student council and get your voice heard. Whichever way, you’ll be developing fantastic life skills.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity to reconsider your options, and join a university where you can study something you really want to learn about.

You can apply for uni through Clearing if

  • you didn’t apply before the UCAS deadline
  • your grades are different to what you expected
  • you’ve only just decided to go to uni
  • you’ve changed your mind about what or where you want to study since you originally applied.

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