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Student life at ARU Chelmsford

Jainaba Hughes

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
Category: Student blogs

11 December 2023

Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering student Jainaba describes the vibrant and welcoming environment she has found at ARU Chelmsford.

Embarking on a postgraduate journey at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford has been a transformative experience, encapsulated by the vibrant city, campus allure, and the harmonious blend of academic vigour and social vibrancy.

Why choose Chelmsford?

Chelmsford, nestled in the heart of Essex, is a captivating fusion of modernity and history, creating an ideal backdrop for academic pursuits. From the bustling city streets to the welcoming locals, Chelmsford exudes an energy that immediately made me feel at home.

The Anglia Ruskin University campus in Chelmsford is a sanctuary of academic exploration. State-of-the-art facilities, including a resource-rich library and modern lecture halls, have become my academic haven. The Student Union, a hub of activities, has not only connected me with like-minded peers but has also been a source of continuous excitement with its diverse events.

Chelmsford's charm extends beyond campus. The city centre’s mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural hotspots provides a dynamic backdrop for off-campus explorations. Navigating the town is a breeze, fostering a seamless integration of academic and social life.

My favourite aspect of being a student in Chelmsford is the effortless access to various places within the city. Whether it's enjoying local cafes, utilizing libraries, or exploring facilities, the town's convenience has made my student life both efficient and enjoyable.

Student welfare

The university's commitment to student welfare is evident in its support services. Assistance in finding nearby accommodation has alleviated the initial challenges of settling into student life. Career services, dedicated to guiding students in securing part-time jobs, have allowed me to balance academic pursuits with professional growth.

While Chelmsford's nightlife might lack the diverse music scene found in larger cities, its proximity to London offers an exciting escape. The ease of hopping on a train and immersing myself in the varied music and cultures of London has added a dynamic layer to my overall student experience.

Reflecting on my journey, the sense of belonging in Chelmsford is my most cherished aspect. The supportive academic community and the welcoming city vibe have made this chapter of my educational pursuit truly memorable.

Some helpful tips

For future students considering Chelmsford for their postgraduate journey, here are a few tips:

  • Take advantage of the town's layout for easy commuting. Explore local gems and enjoy the convenience of accessing various facilities within the city.
  • Join clubs and societies on campus to enhance your social life and broaden your horizons. The diverse range of activities fosters a sense of community.
  • From academic guidance to mental health resources, the university offers a range of support services. Don't hesitate to seek help when needed.
  • Chelmsford's cultural offerings are diverse. Attend local events, visit markets, and partake in cultural festivals. Each corner has a story to tell.

In conclusion, my postgraduate journey in Chelmsford has been a fulfilling experience, seamlessly integrating academic growth with the richness of urban life. As I continue this educational voyage, I am grateful for the memories, friendships, and knowledge gained in this vibrant and welcoming community.


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