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ARU Blogs — Amarachi Esther Kalu

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Faculty:Science and Engineering


Course: MSc Psychology (Conversion)

I am Amarachi Esther Kalu, currently pursuing an MSc in Psychology Conversion at Cambridge University. Alongside my studies, I am a content creator, writer, digital editor, public speaker, and social media enthusiast.

My passion lies in counselling and coaching, specifically in life, relationships, trauma, and mental health. I aim to become a psychotherapist and provide valuable support to those in need.

To achieve this, I chose the MSc in psychology conversion program at Cambridge to gain the necessary knowledge and skills since I do not have a prior psychology background. 

Before starting my academic journey, I volunteered as a life and relationship coach, conducting seminars with amazing speakers through my organization “Mind Power Consult" and social media handles, writing articles on various topics while guiding individuals towards a healthier perspective and witnessing their positive transformations has been incredibly rewarding.

I am also involved in yearly humanitarian projects such as "The Esther's Project" and "Deronic Reachout," where we bring joy to the less privileged, orphans, and the elderly through gift-giving and spending quality time with them.

I firmly believe that counselling is essential for navigating life's challenges and empowering personal growth. My dedication and commitment to continuous learning drive my aspiration to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those I serve.

Studying at Cambridge has been an enriching experience, allowing me to expand my horizons and gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of life.

With my MSc in psychology conversion, along with further learning and practical experience, I am determined to provide the highest level of care and support to my future clients.

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