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Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Education
Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies
Category: Education

25 May 2022

Primary Education Studies student Lou describes her field trip to a Forest School.

During the second trimester, our class went on a university trip to the local Nene Park Forest School at Ferry Meadows. We participated in activities that children would do in an outdoor education environment. It was a super fun and very memorable experience. It gave us a great insight into how education doesn’t just need to be kept in a traditional classroom with pen and paper! The outdoor teaching space can provide many interesting methods of learning for children.

We participated in the following activities:

  • Created our own little card with many colours of the natural environment around us showing that the environment is art.
  • Learnt about 'The Green Man' legend and took part in creating an imprint of leaves to create his portrait.
  • We made our own 3D twist on 'The Green Man' with clay on a stick with the leaves and other natural materials around us.
  • We made necklaces out of wool, elderwood, and a large branch as a medallion with safety tools.
  • Finally, we made our own mini campfires and toasted marshmallows!

I am sharing this experience to show that studying a university degree at ARU Peterborough isn’t always just about PowerPoint presentations and seminar discussions, we are given the opportunity to learn from different points of view and try new learning methods. These experiences are vital for not only university studies but also for our future careers and lives.

A clay head, necklace, leafy card and Green Man leaf rubbing with the title "Outdoor learning through forest schools"

Lou studies at ARU in Peterborough. Find out more about Primary Education Studies, and other degree courses, at one of our Open Days.


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