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Exploring the areas surrounding ARU Peterborough

Yash Srivastava

Course: MSc International Business Management
Category: Business

27 July 2023

International Masters student Yash takes us on a tour of Peterborough and the surrounding area, and talks about his favourite moments at ARU Peterborough so far.

Hi there! I am Yash, a Masters student at ARU Peterborough studying International Business Management. I took this course because I want to learn how economies and business work in a practical environment.

I am also a very enthusiastic person who loves to go out and explore unheard-of places. One of the reasons I don’t work on weekends is to go out and clear my mind for Monday morning.

Composite image of five photos of Peterborough: the railway line, the cathedral, the skyline, and two photos of the exterior of the train station

Peterborough is basically a small town in Cambridgeshire county, but got the status of a city because of the Cathedral, which was made 900 years ago.

It is situated at a perfect distance from some of the major cities of the UK and provides a smooth access and posh lifestyle for the dwellers.

Arriving on campus for the first time

On the day of January 12, I visited the campus for the first time. Before reaching the campus, the route is even more beautiful as you walk through the Cathedral, and it literally gives you goosebumps as it’s a huge and beautiful building. It also gives a Hogwarts feel.

Upon reaching the University, I was astonished by the campus. It is a perfect balance of top-notch facilities and nature’s touch. So, we have a main business and science building with all the facilities you can ever imagine, and there are benches and meadows around to sit down and get a tan.

Selfie of student Yash with four other students in University House, ARU Peterborough

We enter the reception desk with an aesthetic café beside it and the student services office.

We have a huge lecture hall with projector display and TV screens all around you, so if you cannot see from the board, you can just look sideways for your notes.

We attended International Orientation, which talks about our life as a student, culture shocks, and how to excel in our course, followed by food, music, games, and other fun activities.

Out and about

Not many people know about it, but Peterborough houses a natural spring water source. The place is called Holy Wells and it’s a perfect picnic spot or a place to clear your head.

It has a chamber, a well with running water which also fills up a small pond. The place is very peaceful, quiet, and the perfect outdoor spot for a sunny day.

Composite of four images of woodland near Peterborough

Cambridgeshire in itself has many outdoor spots to enjoy your weekend, and activities to do with your friends and family. Cambridge is known for its amazing boat rides. The River Cam is about 40 miles long and will take you on a tour of the city. At some point, you may feel like you’re in Venice.

One of the things that I love about Peterborough is that it has got a lot of outdoor parks and meadows so there’s always some event or festival happening around the year, and it gives you a hint of all of the UK because there’s always different kinds of music, food, and people from all over the country coming down here to enjoy these events.

For instance, the rave pictured below happened literally under a bridge, and I met people from Manchester, Leeds, and other parts of the UK who came to Peterborough just to attend the event. There are so many watersports, funfairs, and food festivals that happen in Peterborough, which will never bore you out of the city.

Composite of three photos: a bridge over a river in Peterborough, people gathered under the bridge, and people dancing under the bridge which is now lit in neon

Best moments at ARU so far

This is a tough one not, because I haven’t had any, but there are loads of them which makes it really difficult to pick one.

To sum it up in a few words, I’d say going for a degree abroad has been one of my best life decisions. I thought 'it's just study', but I got to realise it's much more than that. The student lifestyle and meeting people from so diverse cultures opens up your mind in so many ways.

I never thought I could manage to do so many things at once but I’m juggling through it, and I believe this is what every person needs to experience before hitting reality or getting into the real world.

With all the events, open days, festivals, discounts, student offers, lectures, and support from the faculty, we get to make every moment at ARU the best.

Composite image of four photos: student Yash on a riverbank at dusk, three ARU students on a Students' Union stall, a group of people standing or sitting on grass, and two women, one on stilts
Composite image of student Yash covered in paint at a Holi event, and Yash with three other students, ARU Peterborough Principal Ross Renton, and a local dignitary

Yash studies International Business Studies at ARU Peterborough. Find out more about this and other degree courses at one of our Open Days.


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