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Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BSc Child Nursing
Category: Nursing and midwifery

13 August 2018

Something that has always scared me about being at university is when my university tutor says that our next module is an ESSAY!!!

Personally I find essay writing very challenging and when I do have one to write, I like to ensure that I am gaining all the support I can. Therefore I have written some tips I would suggest to anyone who is writing an essay:

  • Plan - I always try to plan where my essay is going to lead. This stops me from diverting too much from the topic and ensures I am leaving enough words for each section of the essay.
  • Email your tutor a draft - my tutors are very supportive when we have an essay. They will read drafts of the essay and give you pointers on where to improve, so ensure you do this as your tutors are the ones marking your essay. They know what they are looking for!
  • Always do at least two hours a day – I always try to challenge myself to do two hours a day of essay writing to ensure I am not leaving it until the last minute. I like to do mine in the evening, however if you would prefer to get up two hours earlier before going to university then do it!
  • Look at the university website - there are lots of resources on the university website about different styles of essay writing as it is all very different and it is important to know how you should be writing depending on the type of essay it is i.e. a reflective essay, or a critique. 
  • Get other people to read it - ask your mum, dad, cousin, flatmate or anyone you can find to read your essay! Everyone you give it to will have a different opinion, however this may benefit your overall view of the essay and give you some ideas as you finish it.

Do not leave it until the week before - it is not advisable to leave it until just before it deadline. Yes our library is open 24/7 most times but I wouldn’t advise sitting in there all night and not getting sleep.


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