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Discovering the world of Medical Science


Faculty: Health, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Allied Health and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Medical Science
Category: Sciences nutritional and pharmaceutical

26 May 2023

Medical Science student Alexandre will graduate in summer 2023. He originally hoped to study medicine at university, but changed his plans. In this blog he reflects on his course and the career options that have opened up to him.

I'm a third-year Medical Science student who is graduating this summer. Today I wanted to reflect on how what started as a rejection, turned out to be an opportunity to fall in love with Medical Science and discover an exciting career path.

I moved to England from Portugal wanting to pursue medicine. I wanted to exclude any other alternative path due to stubbornness but also ignorance of the infinite possibilities that were ahead of me.

I know some classmates that successfully did Post Grad Entry medicine after finishing Medical Science and I could not be prouder of them given the competitiveness of the process. As you know, doing medicine is a lifetime commitment and very time-consuming, so before you decide to board on that mission: think carefully!

I always knew I wanted to finish my degree first before applying to medicine, and I was forced to become more open to other possibilities after getting my applications rejected.

After working in the NHS, using LinkedIn to network, and ARU’s employability service, I was exposed to many careers and clinical areas that I did not think about. And it was after working for the vaccine programme in the NHS that I fell in love with clinical trials. Now. I am delighted that I landed a graduate job at an incredible company that specialised in global clinical trials.

Key things to remember after dealing with rejection

  1. You did the best you could given the circumstances – it is easy to be self-critical and think what else you could have done, leading me to the next point, but go easy on yourself.
  2. Congratulate yourself! – taking many exams and dedicating hours to the applications is noble, the process is scary, and your motivation and dedication are inspiring. Don’t overlook your effort!
  3. There are many other areas outside medicine – I always loved paediatrics and maternity, so for some time I was looking at Embryology and Foetal Genetics/Reproductive Health MSc, most of the time you can go around and find a common ground that will satisfy you. I never desired the title doctor, I wanted to help people, and after that discovery, it really opened my eyes to many more possibilities.
  4. You can always work for some time, obtain experience, and apply again – just because you were defeated once, doesn’t mean you will be the second time. I know so many medical students that have had lives before doing medicine, another medical student ambassador did a BSc and MSc and had work experience before finally getting into medicine, some people need more time. And if being a medical doctor is really your calling, you will be happy to be a doctor by 35 and not 25.
  5. Learn from it and improve – you can take this mentality to any failure and rejection, I implemented this after many failed job applications, and it is important to see if there is room to grow and what you can do to achieve that growth.

Along the lines of the previous point, taking some time to work on yourself will make you a better doctor or you might find your passion somewhere else and you might even stop considering medicine.

Come and explore

Alexandre studies BSc (Hons) Medical Science at ARU. Find out more about this and other degree courses at one of our Open Days.


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