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University student and blogger Syeda

Faculty:Business and Law

School:School of Economics, Finance and Law

Course: LLB (Hons) Law

I am Syeda and I study Law at ARU in Cambridge.

Currently, I am in my first year at the end of my second semester. I am glad I choose to study law at ARU as there are excellent resources available to the law (and non-law) students. From our very own Anglia Law School Law Clinic, to a mock court room, to very approachable and highly experienced qualified academics, including those who have been practising in the real world of law, we have it all.

Moving to Cambridge has been a completely new journey and a new phrase of my life. Living in halls gave me my own little home where I am in charge of my space. As much as it sounds scary to move out to university, it made me feel independent and I made great friends from across the world with whom I can cook, go out, do fun stuff or sit for a cuppa when I miss family back in Surrey.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking around the city which is three-minute walk from my accommodation, to do bit of shopping, go for a nice meal or for a walk with my friends in Cambridge's beautiful parks. Also, there is always something going at the Students' Union or events arranged by the University so it’s never boring!

I am also a Student Ambassador, an Employability activator, a Residential Assistant in one of the halls, and a Student Adviser in the Law Clinic. Now I am also excited to be a Digital Student Ambassador. I believe it gives me an opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills and encourage other students, by sharing my experience, that they have got this. I have been in your place and I know how important it is to feel supported and to know what it takes to be the best version of yourself.

So here I am, with my experiences and hacks to tackle uni life. Stay tuned!

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