ARU Library Cambridge: more than books (Part Two)


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Vision and Hearing Sciences
Course: BOptom (Hons) Optometry
Category: Vision and hearing sciences

8 February 2018

Optometry student Sonija looks at resources you can access in the University Library in Cambridge, including exam papers, reading lists, ebooks, and help with referencing.

The world has changed, and so have libraries. Nowadays, we don’t need to walk over to a library and spend time finding a book or wandering around for a journal-hunt (though of course we might like to). We can go online instead.

The University Library at ARU has a website for students to search and read at home.

In this blog I'll look at some of the resources and support you can access through the Library. In the first part of my blog I looked at some of the study spaces and facilities.

Exam papers

There is an online access to ARU examination papers, and you can use the services from off-campus:

screenshot of ARU Library online system: how to search for exam paper information

Just type in any keywords or module code, then you'll be directed to the module’s exam paper. You can check the exact module codes and titles on the course pages of the ARU website ('Modules & assessment' section):

screenshot of ARU Library online system: exam paper search results
(Students need to use their University login to read the papers.)

Reading lists

Every module has a reading list for students to help them to understand and learn more about the module. You can type in the module code or the module's name to search for the reading list:

screenshot of ARU Library online system: how to search for a reading list

For my course (Optometry), my professor has categorised to key texts, clinical books and contact lens books. You can see that some of them have an e-version provided by ARU. You just need to click on the “Online Resource” button then you'll be directed to read the source:

screenshot of ARU Library online system: list of books of a module


No need to carry bulky books with you anymore. You can read them anywhere, anytime you want. It's quite convenient for me; sometimes I just need a figure from a book during a lecture. Just a few clicks, then I can have a look at it:

screenshot of ARU Library online system: link access to ebook
screenshot of ARU Library online system: link access to full text of ebbok

Request a book

Items can only be requested when all copies are on loan. When it's nearly test or exam period, most of the books are on loan… so this may be helpful for you:

screenshot of ARU Library online system: how to request a book
screenshot of ARU Library online system: requesting book to be delivered to campus location

You have seven days to collect the book after you made your request, after this, the item is taken back to the shelves.

Reference your work

As a student, we always need to attach references to our assignments, presentations etc. ARU uses the Harvard Referencing System. If you're struggling how it works, don't worry: our Library gives you a guide, or you can attend one of the workshops. It also provides some good web-based tools for students to double check the references. ARU purchased RefWorks, Legacy RefWorks or Cite This For Me. Here are some guidelines for using these tools.

Book a Librarian

I was so surprised when I first learnt about this service. You can book a 30 mins timeslot to get some guidance in finding and using resources for your research. You need to tell your Librarian what research you have done before so they can get prepared for the meeting. They are professionals who aim to give you useful information about research.

Anglia Ruskin Research Online (ARRO)

It is a platform for you to search and read ARU research work.

Video resources

ARU has a stock of DVD materials, TV programmes etc, including Box of Broadcasts (BOB). BOB is a service from the British Film and Video Council which allows you to view TV and radio programmes online in the UK. All are FREE!

New books

Our online access always updates on new books for students:

screenshot of ARU Library online system: list of new books arrived to the Library

Optometry at ARU

Sonija studied BOptoms (Hons) Optometry at ARU in Cambridge. We now offer a four-year degree course in Optometry, which includes a Masters year. It allows you to register with the General Optical Council as a fully qualified optometrist when you graduate.

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