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Hello:) I’m Kimberly Kim and I am an international student from South Korea studying for an MA in Graphic Design in Cambridge. 

My Bachelors (Tourism and Event Management) was in quite a different field compared to my current major. It was amazing to learn about marketing/exhibitions/international conferences etc. While studying for my Bachelors, I learnt that visualisation is very important because it’s the first thing everyone sees. Studying Graphic Design is very new for me, but I am sure that this is going to be a worthy experience! 

I am here to find my dream! I haven’t decided which field I’ll fit well for my future job. I am interested in various fields at the moment and those are Tourism/Social Media/Graphic Design. My year in ARU will be a turning point for my future! I consider myself as a fun person and I am into travelling to new places, and taking good pictures while travelling always makes me happy!

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