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Dixuan Xie

Faculty:Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

School:Cambridge School of Art

Course: MA Children's Book Illustration

My name is Dixuan Xie, I'm an international student from China studying for an MA in Children's Book Illustration in Cambridge.

During my four years of undergraduate study in Visual Communication Design, I used illustration as a form of expression to complete my work, which fostered my interest in studying illustration design in greater depth. From my perspective, Children's book illustration art is not merely a method of visual expression, but also a way to interpret the ideas and social contexts of the creator at that time.

The main purpose of my work, which focuses on real things happening in my life, is to convey a specific meaning and message. The theme always revolves around the interconnection between people, people and society, as well as some social issues and social fads. I believe that illustration can not only tell stories, but also provoke the audience to think and discuss, to connect and interact, which enables audiences to grasp the messages I want to convey from my creations.

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