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Elaine Brown

Hello. My name is Elaine Brown and I am currently the Institutional Lead for Personal Development Tutoring and Ruskin Modules at Anglia Learning & Teaching. I’m passionate about the experience of our students, and my Professional Doctorate aims to unpack how we make learning experience explicit through design. I was awarded an Anglia Ruskin University Teaching Fellowship in 2013.

In 2003, I became a lecturer in all things systems, database analysis and design, and ways to represent them. However, my passion soon became user experience design, after all, systems are more often designed for people not other computers! It made sense to me that the same principles could be applied to learning experience where the student is at the heart of design for learning. I continue to be passionate about trying to understand what it is like to be a student now, because without this we continue to design things for ourselves.

Outside of work (and study) I’m a keen swimmer and love to take photos. You might have heard me sing on Silent Witness, conduct on Children in Need, or laughed with me acting like I’m in control of a near-tonne dance partner at local dressage competitions.

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