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My top five moments in my second year studying Sociology at ARU


Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) Sociology
Category: Social sciences and social care

31 July 2020

Sociology student Amy blogs about the highlights of the second year of her degree.

I’ve really enjoyed my time so far at ARU, and here is a list of my top five moments from this year as an ARU sSciology student!

Applying for AHSS Faculty Rep

A Faculty Rep is exactly that. Each of ARU's four faculties has a student representative in the Students’ Union who has the chance to make changes and start new initiatives across the uni.

Even though I didn’t get the role, I really enjoyed the campaigning element. I gained lots of valuable experience, and met lots of people along the way! It helped boost my confidence, and it was fun making the posters and telling people about my ideas.

Completing a module on cybercrime

As a sociology student, I get to study a huge range of topics, and this year I completed a module in cybercrime.

This module was actually a Criminology module; however, we often have chances to study other pathways. It was super interesting and mixed up my course to be able to study something really different!

Being Course Rep

So I’m not the Faculty Rep, but I do represent my course for all second years! I really enjoyed being able to take on this important role, and felt that I made some really vital changes!

Now, the way we are assigned supervisors has changed: we can choose who we believe would match our final project topic, and we know who we have the summer before third year in case we have any questions over the holidays.

This change shows how important the student opinion is to ARU, as the department was really accommodating to our ideas!

Becoming a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader

This year I was able to use my experience from my first year to become a PAL Leader, which meant I could gain valuable experience, and help some students who needed it from the first year.

Not only was I able to help some worried students, I also made friends along the way.

Finally: simply completing another year!

University is such an amazing experience, and I’m so happy to have completed my second year. This comes with some sadness as it means I only have one year left of my degree, but I’m enjoying every second! Bring on final year!

Amy studies Sociology at ARU in Cambridge. Find out more about this and other degree courses at one of our Open Days.


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