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Q & A with Brazilian student Amanda Carvalho Modesto

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: MSc Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Category: Computing and digital technology

4 June 2020

Amanda Carvalho Modesto

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data MSc student Amanda answers our questions about her experiences as a Brazilian student at ARU.

Why did you choose to study at ARU?

I received all the support and information I needed to move from my country to England in a short period of time. Arjun in the International team at ARU helped support and motivate me to get everything organised during this period of change for me.

Tell us about your course experience.

Initially it was a progressive learning experience, getting used to student life here and how the professors teach, but overall it has been a good experience. It is clear that the professors teaching my course have excellent knowledge of the subjects they teach us.

Tell us about any university facilities you found useful during your studies.

The university provides a lot of facilities to help us throughout our studies and also our professional life after university. One thing that caught my attention was ARU Temps. They help you find a job, help with your CV and suggest jobs that they believe are a good fit for you.

Would you recommend your course to others, and why?

I would recommend my course, because of the importance today of learning about technology and how the world is developing around Artificial Intelligence. This is the future of the world.

What is your favourite thing about the university?

The university is a cultural environment, so you have the chance to meet people around the world and study with them, become friends, and take this friendship for the rest of your life. It is something that would not have happened if I'd stayed in Brazil.

What has been the most challenging part of studying or living in the UK, and how did you cope with it?

One of the biggest challenges is to live far away from your family and your culture. It is essential to have all the support you can have to get through some awkward moments and understand why you are here and how important this is for your future.

Tell us about Cambridge. Do you like living there, and why?

Cambridge is a lovely city. It is small but still has everything you need; everywhere you go, you can feel the impact of education and how knowledge spreads through the city. It is populated with many social establishments, so if you like to socialise, it is the ideal place.

What is your favourite aspect of your non-academic life?

My favourite aspect is the culture that the university provides. For example, I had the opportunity to play volleyball for ARU with people from different countries, including Italy, Greece, Germany, and many others. We shared the experiences we had and understood each other.

What are your ambitions/plans for the future?

I will graduate in September, and I just started the process of writing my dissertation. Even in difficult times as we live, I found a job in a marketing company in London and moved to the big city. From now on, my goals are to continue to grow in this company and finish my Masters.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience of ARU or the UK?

Moving away from your country and family is an excellent experience of ripening and growth. Also, it is self-discovery. It is a great way to take responsibility and take control of your life, define your future, and be successful. There is a great environment ere to make new friends, share your experiences, learn a new language and a new culture, have independence, and have freedom. It is scary in the first moment, but it is worth it.

Amanda has recorded a short video message for anyone thinking of coming to ARU from Brazil!


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