Lucy lends her expertise on the ‘children left behind’

Published: 16 February 2022 at 16:19

Dr Lucy Bland

ARU historian interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk

Lucy Bland, Professor of Social and Cultural History at ARU, was recently interviewed for BBC Radio Suffolk’s 'The Localist' programme for an episode about the ‘children left behind’ by American GIs following their stationing here during World War 2.

In the programme, Lucy talks about the arrival of American GIs in East Anglia, the difficulties faced by the mothers of their children here when they left, and the DNA tests that later led to many of these children being reunited with their families in the US.

Lucy’s book on the subject, Britain’s Brown Babies: The Stories of Children born to Black GIs and White Women in the Second World War, won her the Social History Society’s Book of the Year in 2021, and an exhibition based on it was awarded a prestigious national Museums Association award.

You can listen to the full programme on BBC Sounds.